Broken Empire

Date: October 15th

Members Present:

Kevus Sol as he is preparing his men for Blutlafenriege.

Current Business:
All contact with the base camp at Kagarash has been lost. The last transmission was two days ago and no more has been heard since then.

The forest to the East has encroached on the camps having grown back almost completely in a month. Kevus has reported that without constant attention the forest will grow over night into the camp. He has groups of soldiers cutting and burning a 40 foot section in front of the camp on a daily basis. Overnight the forest will grow back though and so this has to be done on a constant basis.

New Business:
In response to these perils the Emperor has decreed an Imperial Blutlaufenriege to champion the war to the East so this can completed. He has also deemed that the city of Kagarash is lost and is to be a forbidden zone until more stability can be found in the East.

Serlina Delvi has been branded a heretic by the state and her sister Alvella Delvi has taken over (once again) as First Guide of the Order of Mysteries. Member of the Office of Annulment (see Order Of Mysteries for more details) have been sent after her but have been unsuccessful as of this time.

Kevus Sol as the Emperor’s hand has called together a team for Blutlafenriege to champion the Emperor. Made almost exclusively of members of the Order of Faith and are considered by most to be the favorites to win.



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