Broken Empire

Date: Sexender 15th
Members Present:

New Business:
1. The lost city of the dwarves (Kagarash) has been found by Order Of Mystery scouts. Serlni Delvi brought this to the attention of the Violet Laurel even though the Magestorium had advised against it.
2. Kevus Sol had brought the head of a creature to the meeting that had never been seen before and was identified as an Elf by Swerius Jalentus.

The decisions made:
1. That an expedition would be sent to the lost city investigate and catalog it’s lost treasure’s from there it would be decided as to how much information was given to the public so at this stage it would be kept secret.

2. The war to the East (where the elf had been found) would be lessened until it could be decided what to do with this discovery.



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