Broken Empire

Into Blutlafenriege

For Glory!

Player Characters:
Antus Cultellus
Asuna Kinsea
Pepper Heartsclub

After many arduous qualifying heats, four teams of heroes finally arrived at the entrance of the Blutlaufenriege. The famous gladiator Asuna Kinsea had managed to surround herself with some very capable individuals including Antus Cultellus, a rouge and chef of some repute, Pepper Heartsclub of the Heartsclub acting clan, Kinara an unnamed dwarf with exceptional hand to hand skills, Ellende a unorthodox member of the Order of Faith and Fern; an uninitiated mage with a quick temper and quick magery skill.

they had elected to go first into the dungeon of epic proportions and with their association with Asuna Kinsea had high rankings to win the “reige” as it was know. Due to the ongoing issues in the east with the heretics of the forest that would not submit to the will of the Emperor this event had been called to bring forth the heroes that would finally destroy them.

The heroes went in and faced many dangers including Goblins, Kobolds and Hobgoblins but in the end were victorious. As they entered what they assumed was the final room they found them surrounded by Imperial guard and a man dressed in well made dark leather armor clapping. He explained that his name was Marcus and that he was the Imperial Shadow; a ghost, demon or cold blooded killer depending on what story people said. He explained that they had won but that they would unfortunately need to appear dead for a time while they carried out the Emperor’s will to investigate disturbances in the desert as Kagarash had been discovered. A secret team had been sent into the desert but had been lost. After this they were released from the death maze and made their way across country to the port city of Ladsrecht a port that supplied much of the western region of Vrige in partcular the dwarven city of Rashthra.

After some adventures with Ogres the party arrived at Ladsrecht where they discovered that all ships had been in port for a number of weeks. Tales from the few survivors that returned were of sea monsters destroying the ships and killing the crew. This left our adventurers in a difficult predicament but after some investigation they discovered one captain who was crazy and drunk enough to take them down the coast to Rashthra which had been the staging for the expedition. So aboard the good ship “Silver Dagger” commanded by Gathrus Agentus our heroes set forth across the ocean…



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