Broken Empire

Date: September 15th
Members Present:

Serlina Delvi is unavailable for the meeting. She is currently out of the capital doing research in regards to the current findings at Kagarash.

Current Business:
The Imperial Expedition has finally arrived and setup a base camp. A number of issues have arisen.

  • Firstly the city is very significant and has been very well preserved. More funding has been requested as this is going to be a vast resources to excavate properly.
  • Secondly no magical items or spell casting is possibly within the boundary of the city so the previous idea of setting up the base camp within the exposed area of the city was not possible with the significant amount of magic that is being used.

The war to the east has been put on hold as reported by Kevus Sol. No attacks have been noted and a significant portion of the front line troops have been given leave, bringing up the reserves. Kevus has requested that the Order Of Works puts in temporary accommodation near the local villages due to the influx of soldiers. He has also requested a number of addition justices to be sent (Order Of Law) to keep order at this time as well.

New Business:
Rumors of unrest in Kisiwa have been heard for some time but they have come to light again at the death of Damant Xarix, Head of House Xarix. Events around the death are not so clear but the men that were with him claimed that Hobgoblins attacked them.



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