Broken Empire

To The Desert

Sailing across sand and sea

Player Characters:
Antus Cultellus
Asuna Kinsea
Pepper Heartsclub

When we left our adventurer last they were sailing from Ladsrecht to the port of Rashthra. Unfortunately along the way our heroes were intercepted by some frog men riding some enormous beasts that tried to destroy the rigging and commandeer the ship. Luckily the adventurers sprang into action knocking the would be priates back into the sea, killing one of the plesiosaurs and the other one fleeing. This gave plenty of rations that Antus spent the rest of the journey processing. This turned out to be a very good thing as Rashthra had been without food for a number of weeks and had run out of supplies. After the assistance that our adventurers gave the villagers were more than happy to help on their way to the base camp that was set up by a joint mission by the Order of Works and Order of Scolars.

After a nights rest and resupply our adventurers set out to find Kagarash and the lost expedition. Along the way they were attacked by some strange undead that only slowed them down briefly. Again when they arrived at the now deserted camp they were attacked by the strange blue glowing undead, but eventually overcame them as well. The team had noticed a strange blue pulse coming from the center of city. After some investigation of the camp it appeared that things had not gone well and at some point there had been a split in the expedition, but only one body was found who appeared to have been beaten to death in interrogation.

Pepper Heartsclub had detect magic on him which resulted in him seeing the city in all is splendor with all the dwarves going about their business. After all of this it was decided to rest in one of the abandoned buildings. This resulted in everyone falling asleep and finding themselves in force cages of some description surrounding a strange emaciated creature which appeared to be the source of the pulsing blue light. There was a short conversation with what identified itself as The Harbinger and then all members of the party were knocked unconscious by some mysterious force only to be woken by Marcus. this Marcus did not seem to know who they were but after giving them speaking stone it merged with his and then he seemed to be totally aware of who they were.

All of this was reported back to the capital where Zara Jes ordered Marcus to return to the capital to protect the ailing Emperor. Our heroes were sent to find out where the Harbinger had gone. Heading back toward Rashthra they discovered that the city had once again become active and two portals were open. Antus decided that it was a good idea to go into one and disappeared, after waiting for a few hours for him to return the rest of the party game him up for lost and headed on their way…



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