Alvella Delvi

Admentor Of The Magesterium


Name: Alvella Delvi
Position: First Guide of the Order of Myseteries, Member of the Office of the Violet Laurel, Admentor Of The Magesterium, Head of House Jalen
Associations: House Jalen

Serlina’s older sister who has taken on the role of First Guide of the Order of Myseteries once her sister disappeared. She has previously been a member of the Office of the Violet Laurel as she held this position before Serlina was elevated. Since that time she has been a full time administrator within the Order who had significant involvement with the Far Seeing program: a set of mages particularly adept at scrying and divination magic to explore unknown regions.

She is very much a practical person who is considered to be more of an “Old School” approach to magic and a complete opposite to her sister.


Alvella Delvi

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