Pepper Heartsclub

Human Rogue House of Blades ~via~ Order of the Violet Laurel


Weapons: 2 Daggers,
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Mallet, Hand Crossbow, 20 bolts, Bolas
Background: Minstrel

Skills- Gather Rumors; Knowledge (Folklore); Perform and Persuade.
Trait- Noted (Emerging) Performer
Rogue Scheme: Acrobat
Skills: Balance; Climb; Disable Device
Bonus Feat; Skill Focus (Sneak)
Rogue Talent; Slippery Target
Skill Trick; Tumble or Charming Presence
Clothing: Travelers, Fine, Costume.
Alchemist’s Fire, Antitoxin, Backpack, Bedroll, Ball Bearings, Caltrops, Climber’s Kit, Crowbar, Disguise Kit, Ink, Grappling Hook, Healer’s Kit (20), Hunting Trap, Mess Kit, Paper (5 pieces) Rope Silk, Sack, Thieves Tools, Tinderbox, Waterskin.


Pepper Heartsclub
Pepper is the 2nd son of Mr. Kite Heartsclub and Mrs. Penny Lane Heartsclub.
Older brother: Kite Heartsclub
The Heartsclub’s are the owners of Abbey Benefit Hall.
Abbey Hall:
Abbey hall floorplan
Ground Floor

Pepper grew up among the actors, and performers who work at Abbey Hall.
Many times in his formative years he would be volunteer, or sometime be volunteered to cover a part. At first he was used as a non speaking extra. Then as his ability progressed and he’d aged and seasoned a bit he graduated to the minor role, then into more and more major roles. From this exposure he developed an ability to take on many personas.
Since his home life usually involved the somewhat obtrusive and always verbose theater guild players, quiet and peace were much sought after commodities. Oft and still when the chance offered itself, or was so rely needed he would seek out the peaceful solstice of the great library of Tarash’Fer.
His first time there he’d been shocked to find a place of such quiet and solitude. It seemed that no one from the outside ever entered. Leaving only the scholars to do whatever it was that scholars did.
He’d come back soon after that and found out. An older man wrinkled and mean looking with wild tufts of unruly white hair had spied him lounging on a padded chair in one of the many deserted side rooms and asked him his business there.
He’d quite honestly just told the man he had none, looking down with a shrug as he rose to leave, aside from craving the calm. The old man sighed, shook his head and agreed. Telling him it was not always so, but had more and more become so over the recent years.
The old man had showed him many of the rooms. Explained how the knowledge of the books were sorted and stored. He shared many things with young pepper, and then finished by telling that his name was Swerius, and that he was in fact First Counselor of the Order of Scholars. That as such it was well with in his power, and most willingly given, to grant full permission to come and enjoy the quiet of Tarash’Fer whenever he wished.
He’d returned soon and often over the ensuing years, most times spending quiet hours reading through the books and scrolls. The ones he could read that is, many he could not but he’d sit and flip through them anyway, always looking at the pictures. Sometimes he’d watch as the Book of Imperial Precedent was amended and copied for their was something akin to a magic to him in that.
This caused him to experience inner growth. This growth transferred over to his ability to play his parts with experiences drawn upon from his readings. This led to his having an ability beyond his years to relate to a role and allowed him to tackle more complex roles when needed.
His parents, while supportive did not want him to follow in their footsteps. That was for Kite and they feared the blossoming talents of Pepper would lead to squabbles and fights.
When he told his parents that he wanted to be apprenticed to the Order of Scholars, both were aghast. Telling him it was a dead end doomed to whither and parish in the shadow of magic.
His father had another idea for his future, one that would suit him well, especially his ability to assume many mannerisms; The Guild of Rogues.
But still, he sometimes would sneak away and go back to Tarash’Fer. By now he could sneak very very well.

Pepper Heartsclub

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