From the ancient ways of the Northmen a form of sport has arisen in the Empire. It is a dungeon formed by The Ascendant Ones in the beginning of time to test the metal of those who dare to enter it.

It is big business for the House Of Blades with the House controlling significant betting that is put on “The Riege” as it is known for short. “Riege runs” are organized throughout the summer months and it is a common tourist attraction for the citizens of the Empire.

The maze itself is found in Uberkraft a now bustling northern city and the seat of House Macht.

Special events are organized at the Emperor’s pleasure when a test is required for those who would be worth to carry out the Emperor’s will on a particular matter. These are most uncommon in the current climate. This maybe in part due to what is now know as the “Black Waltz Incident” where a group of adventurers after winning the Blutlaufenriege refused the Emperor’s baton and disappeared from history forever.
If one of these events was called again, anyone can enter even those who are currently outlaws or heretics. To win Blautlafenriege absolves those of their crimes and at the time of one of these events many prisoners choose this over the whatever punishment they might have waiting for them.


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