Civic Orders

The Empire is controlled by a number of different civic orders that control different parts of the Empire’s day to day work. Each is broken down into a number of different ranks and depending on what Order it is it may have a number of different branches referred to as Offices. The major Orders are as below:

  • Order of Faith – Concerned with the faith and divine aspects of the Emperor and maintaining and upholding the faith of the people in the Emperor.
  • Order of Law – This order maintains law and order in the cities, it is comprised of the courts, judges and law enforcement as based upon the Book of Imperial Precedent.
  • Order Of Mysteries – A small, but powerful order that is concerned with the application and use of Arcane magic. they are sworn to protect the Empire and hunt out practitioners of blood magic. All members of the order also hold Military Ranks.
  • Order of Scholars – A dwindling order that maintain the history of The Empire. They are also involved in the sciences in terms of research and philosophy. They also maintain the Book of Imperial Precedent and the records of citizenship.
  • Order of Works – Probably the largest order made up of artisans, builders and general maintenance of the the Empire. This is a high honor that any man of any rank in life can aspire to be a member of.

The military does not have a Civic Order as such as the armies are by order of the Emperor not allowed to congregate in cities so no large number of troops should be seen in the major cities of The Empire.

There are a few Offices that do not fit into any Civic Orders as below:

  • Office of the Violet Laurel – This is a governing office that has representatives from all of the Orders and other factions within the Empire. They are the counselors and experts for the Emperor himself.
  • Office of the Emperor’s Hand – This is the Emperor’s private security and representative on the battlefield.
  • Office of Whispers – This is the internal and external security for the Empire. they investigate seditious behavior and rumors of dangers to the Empire.

Civic Orders

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