The capital of the swamp filled region of Kisiwa, the town of Daelra is significantly smaller than other regional capitals Daelra was established by the Order of Works as a colony to encourage citizens (or those looking for citizenship) it has not been very successful. the establishment was plagued with issues but eventually a modern imperial town was established though after significant loss of life and resources to the forever encroaching swamp.

Current Mayor: Justice Kerix Xaldam, a local man who has risen after many years of serving as a n imperial Justice in the capital, this position was bestowed upon him by the current Emperor “to bring stability and safety to my citizens and house hold of the southern region”. He has been quite successful, with the establishment of a local militia based of the model followed by the Order of Law. Kerix brought his private secretary (Lomvo) from the city and thin, curt and cold man Lomvo appears to be married to his work.

The Imperial Chalice
Owner: Lactus Tervalan

The Scaly Lizard
Owner: Grexus Kurph

The Rusty Nail
Owner: Variable

This is the only place in the Empire that you are likely to find “Half-Orcs” children of raped women of the Orcish raids. There is so few around that it is difficult to say if they would bred true especially as they are used as an underclass of indentured servants. No half-orc has gained citizenship and it is thought that they would not have the understanding for it either.

Rumors and Issues:


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