House Of Blades

As much as the House Of Golden Flowers entertains nobles and those of money, the House of Blades caters to the masses. Gladiators, Pit Fights and the Blutlaufenriege, all manner of blood sports can be found within the Empire. This is the first and foremost role of the House of Blades.

The other component is those who have fulfilled their contracts can choose to become adventurers and mercenaries working under the auspices of the House of Blades. There is no requirement of citizenship to be a member and many flock every year to the House of Blades to find a new life.

The life of a gladiator can be very short, but it can also be very lucrative.

Most contracts with the House are done in the form of indentured servitude with particular conditions such as a number of years or a number of fights. Most fights are not to the death especially in these days. Not all of those in service to the house of blades end up as gladiators but will form the small army of people required “behind the scenes” to make the gladiatorial events work.

House Of Blades

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