House Of Golden Flowers

The House Of Golden Flowers has been a part of the Empire since it’s original creation.

Vows of nonintervention.

Courtesans, Entertainers and Diplomats.

Veiled Sisters: Those who have served the Emperor as First Concubines become Veiled Sisters, their presence so lovely that they must be veiled to protect those around them.

Curse of Transfiguration: Over time the First Concubines become more and more beautiful and it comes to the point that they are too beautiful to behold. This is claimed to be the curse and blessing of having spent so much time with the Emperor. 10 years is the limit of time that they are allowed to stay in the presence of the Emperor.

This is not an issue for wives and children who are cloistered away from the Emperor for a significant time and so do not become so transfigured.

The house itself is split into a number of courts which each focusing on a different part of the Houses function. Each is named after a flower with an association with the court

Rose Court: Royalty (Jes)
The Rose Court is the ruling body of the House that maintains all of the holdings and associations with other entertainers throughout the Empire.
Lily Court: Death (Lir)
Death is an important occasion especially for those of significant money, this court specializes in providing funerary services.
Lotus Court: Rapture (Tela)
The lotus court is the provider of concubines and courtesans for those of significant wealth. To have a member of the Lotus Court by your side is a sign of great wealth and prestige.
Iris Court: Inspiration (Ladra)
The Iris court provides diplomatic services to those within and outside of the Empire. They are what in many ways keeps the Empire together. They are also the provider of the actors and writers used by the House.
Crocus Court: Foresight (Zon)
Considered to be mystics the Crocus court is not well understood by those outside of the House. They provide foretelling of what is to come and are sought by many for the ability to look into the future.

House Of Golden Flowers

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