Noble Houses And Fraternities

Noble Houses:

  • House Laecen: the first House of the Emperor who ruled by divine right.
  • House Jalen: A house that has traditionally had associations with arcane magic.
  • House Macht: The noble house of the Northmen.
  • House Levritt: A well respected house that has been elevated on a number of times.
  • House Tremdon:
  • House Xarix: A house from the far south of the Empire.
  • House Ejurt:
  • House Kuriz:


  • House Of Golden Flowers: The House of Imperial concubines from whom every 10 years a single woman is chosen to be purified to stand as the First Imperial Concubine – consort to the emperor.
  • House Of Blades: The bloody entertainers of the empire who provide entertainment for the masses in gladiatorial events. They are also a fraternity of mercenaries and adventures for hire.
  • The Commerce Association: The largest private banking and commerce fraternity which now even holds a position on the Office of the Violet Laurel.
  • Sickles & Sears: This is a farming fraternity mainly run by the Halflings of the Galera Valley and surrounding farmlands.
  • The Gathering Of Clans: This is a Gnomish fraternity that meets once a year in the traditional homelands of the Gnomes.
  • The Dwarven Caliphate: The dwarves have no noble houses only names that are written on the pillar of the All-Father. This organization recognizes those with names.

Noble Houses And Fraternities

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