Order of Faith

Name: Order Of Faith
Official Title: Shepherd
Other titles: The Voice
Current Leader: Deverus Rex “The Voice of the People”

The Order of Faith was established two centuries after the deification of the Emperor. Previous to this a number of religions were found through out the Empire though the rise in popularity of the Cult of the Emperor (as it was known at the time) brought about a revolution in society where only one religion was recognized. All who are members of the order are divine spell casters to some extent.

Emperor worship is now the official religion of the Empire and all other religions are seen as heresy (as stated by the Book of Imperial Precedent). Those societies that will recognize the divine authority of the Emperor are welcomed in with open arms as brothers of the great Empire while those who do not are seen as enemies and heretics. There is no holy book as such because the God-Emperor is within the Empire. The current Emperor is seen as the embodiment of the power and majesty of the Empire and holds divine power through the ongoing cycle of Emperors.

Those who are recognized with the blessing of the Emperor are brought into the order at an early age (normally around 5) and trained at one of the many seminaries throughout the Empire. At the seminary they are taught how to harness their power, examined to see how they might best serve the Empire. At around the age of 13 the acolytes will take their vows where they forsake all previous bonds.


  • Office of the Inquisition: Investigates heresy within the Empire. there are a number of religious cults that are still active within the Empire that need to be kept in check.
  • Office of the Shepherds: These are the standard priests that perform the rites of the religion. They are also healers and representatives for the common people.
  • Office of Justication: These are battle clerics who also hold military rank. They are relatively few in number but normally chosen from the most potent in marshal and divine power. Normally they hold a special tittle within their own order of Justicar.
  • Office of Exorcism: This a small and dwindling order of a long gone time where undead were a serious issue. Probably at it’s hey-day during The Voiding.

Order of Faith

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