Order of Law

Name: Order Of Law
Official Title: Justice
Other Titles: The Scale
Current Leader: Tzarak Ironhand (Pronounced “Zarak”)

The order of law maintains peace within the cities of The Empire. This is probably the oldest order finding it’s root back to the beginnings of the Empire. There is a significant number of dwarves that hold significant positions within this order and it has been said by some that it is actually hard for other races to gain position within its ranks. This may be partly because of the longevity of dwarves in that many have held their current positions for over 50 years and some for over 100 years.

The law of the land is based upon the Book of Imperial Precedent and so students who are picked by the order are drilled on this more than any other in the Empire. Law works on the principle of guilty until proven innocent, based on Book of Imperial Precedent which recognizes all as guilty. Most offences are dealt with by the Office of Enforcement where judgement and punishment are meted out at the time of the transgression.
On occasion the crime is too heinous, outside the jurisdiction of the order or complicated in nature and will be brought to the Office of Judges. When court is in session three judges preside and a decision is come to between them. There is no jury, though the Office of Sophism provides representatives for both sides of a case.
It is also possible for a citizen to bring a case against another and appeal to the Office of Judges to adjudicate. Most of these are civil case in regards to slander.

Office of Enforcement: These are the Justices that walk the streets of the cities make sure that law and order is maintained. Recognized by the official chain and book that they wear they have the ability to judge on many issues on the spot rather than involving others. Justices are organized into chapters, with each chapter assigned to precincts within the Empire. Overseeing each chapter is one of the Judges.

Office of Judges: These are the Justices that deal with more complicated issues and also decide if jurisdiction is within the purview of the order or to be assigned to another order (normally either the Order of Faith or Order of Mysteries). In addition to the standard armor and chained book, the Judges wear a helm with an expressionless mask attached. Many Judges have large tomes that they keep with them, normally carried by convicted criminals known as tome bearers. On rare occasions, a homonculus might serve as a tome bearer.

Office of Sophism: These are the Justices who present the evidence within cases adjudicated by the Office of Judges. Many humans and Gnomes have found position in this office which is more new than the other offices. Unofficially known as Speakers, many of the Justices of this office are more interested in the philosophy of law than the actual practice. While this works well in the various cases involving the Noble houses, the Judges are interested only in the practical application of the law.

Order of Law

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