Order Of Mysteries

Name: Order Of Mysteries
Official Title: Guide
Other Titles: Dogs Of The Emperor (derogatory)
Current Leader: Serlina Delvi “Star Of The Mysterium”

The Order of Mysteries was established after The Voiding and took over from the Battle Mages Corp and the Wizards Tower which was what was in place at the time. This merging was put in place for decisive action during the Blood Crusade.

The Arcane:
Arcane magic is possible to be learnt by all who would put their mind to it. Before The Maelstrom there was a great renascence of arcane learning as it appeared that all problem that faced the Empire could be resolved by those who had the will to use arcane. This of course turned out to be tragic as a tenth of the population was killed in the blink of an eye.
All member of the Order hold a military rank as well, being sworn to protect the Empire.
It is not necessary as arcane spell caster to be a member of the Order Of Mysteries, but all must be registered with the Order and being a member means that you have access to the best teaching and materials. The down side is that you are required to be involved in the military. Normally a guide will work independently, one is normally assigned to a century of men, but some work on special issues especially in the tracking of Blood Mages.

Blood Magic:
It is possible to augment already powerful arcane magic with the life force of others to provide an even more powerful spell. This could partially drain them or in more extreme case kill the subject. This type of power is addictive in nature and once it has been used it is very hard to stop to use it. The Order of Mysteries has a test that they perform on all arcane practitioners, though in later stages of Blood Magic it become very evident that someone has been using Blood Magic. It starts with a darkening of the lips and around the eyes and eventually results in the person becoming an emaciated husk, almost like a living corpse. No-one knows if there is a further stage after this but it is horrific to see.


  • Office of Battle: This is the office who direct and assign mages to military campaigns that are in effect at the time. It is mandatory for every mage to do at least 2 years service in this office.
  • Office of The Magestorium: This is the senior council of mages that assign positions within the order. Not much is really known about them outside of the order but it is assumed that they are the really power behind the Order Of Mysteries.
  • Office of Registration: This is the office that maintains arcane practitioners registration and performs the testing on arcane spell casters.
  • Office of Annulment: This is the office that tracks and disposes of Blood Mages. Not as active as it had been in past years, many of those that are members of this office are in fact not arcane spell casters but will work in conjunction with them.

Order Of Mysteries

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