Order of Scolars

Name: Order Of Scholars
Official Title: Counselor
Other titles: None
Current Leader: Swerius Jalentus

The Order of Scholars has been an important part of the Empire since it’s inception and was created soon after a standing army was established and came more important after the deification of the first Emperor. The order tracks the history of the Empire, more importantly makes changes to the Book of Imperial Precedent, keeping records of all cases that have been adjudicated by the Order of Law. Counselors also continue research into the natural world through science, though this has become less popular with the increase of arcane magic. In recent history interest in the order has dwindled and those who would have previously sought entry into the Order of Scholars try to gain entry into the Order of Mysteries instead.


  • Office of History: This office deals with the history and changes required to the Book of Imperial Precedent with scholars who go through making new copies of the books as required. With the current size of the order they are not able to keep up with the demand by the Order of Law.
  • Office of Reclamation: This office investigates ancient ruins, history of the past that has been lost and general treasure hunting. Most of the time this is outsourced to enterprising individuals who gain a writ of permission from the order to investigate a site on their behalf.
  • Office of Research: These counselors continue research into the sciences such as astronomy, metallurgy and philosophy. Mush of their work is now sponsored by the Order of Works especially Regan Steel has seen merit in the work that hey are doing.
  • Office of Citizenship: Probably the largest office still in work, the office of citizenship keeps record of those who are citizens and the families which are given citizenship each year.

Order of Scolars

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