Order of Works

Name: Order Of Works
Official Title: Rector
Other Titles: The Cornerstone Of The Empire
Current Leader: Regan Steel

The noble work of the Order of Works is seen on every street, of every city throughout the empire. Artisans, builders, architects and many others are all part of the order. Unlike most other order entry into the order is voluntary and is one way that those who are not recognized as citizens can become so. The other common way is to join the imperial army though this has less risks. The order also trains those who would apprentice with the Order to give them a better life for their families. Most members of the Order of Works are paid through Imperial Taxes though artisans are free to continue their trade, but gives them the right to use the Imperial seal on their work guaranteeing the work to be a certain quality. In exchange for this they must provide their services to the Empire for 200 days of the year free-of-charge. Many artisans have become very rich in this way joining in free enterprise organizations such as The Commerce Association The order of works has one other important role in conjunction with Order of Law and that is the collection of taxes.


  • Office Of Adjustment: This office is responsible for the repair and maintenance of imperial roadways, sewage systems, and public buildings. It is also responsible for any new large building projects that are undertaken by the empire. This is sometime in association with the imperial army depending on the type of project and there is a specialized group of builders that work on this alone.
  • Office Of Fabrication: This office is responsibly for the fabrication of new equipment especially for the imperial army, but also in regards to the imperial farms and other public transportation devices.
  • Office Of Contributions: This office is responsible for the recording and collection of tax and other contribution from the local populations through out the empire. All who live within the borders of the empire must pay tax, though not all are citizens.
  • Office of Thaumaturgy: This is a very new office that is investigating in conjuction with the Order Of Mysteries what new innovations can be brought to the masses through the use of arcane magic. A number of things have started to be implemented and this will only become more popular as time goes by.

Order of Works

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