Asuna Kinsea

Human fighter


Asuna Kinsea Human Fighter Lvl 1 HP 12 AC 15

Str 11 Speed 30ft Weapon Atk Damage
Dex 18 +4 HitDice D10 Rapier +5 1d8 +4 pierce
Con 15 +2 Init +4 Lt Xbow +5 1d8 pierce 10 bolts
Int 13 +1 Size Medium Dagger +5 1d4 +4 pierce
Wis 9 Language Common
Cha 14 +2 Martial Dice(MD) 1d6

Combat Expertise – Melee or Ranged attack/martial dice X – add dice roll to damage
Parry – Reaction: MD X + Skill dice – Reduce damage from melee attack by dice roll
Disarm – 1 MD – on hit target drops item in one hand (2 martial dice, 2 hands)
Lunge* – 1 MD – increase reach of melee attack by 5ft

Skills – D4
Gather Rumors, Cha
Knowledge, folklore, Int
Persuade, Cha
Profession, seamstress, Dex

Seamstress Tool kit Small steel mirror Masterworked Set of Clothes
Studded Leather Armor


Background, Artisan/Merchant Family – 3rd of 5 children of the Kinsea Trade Guild leaders, Mrathus and Vayl Kinsea. Traveled extensively growing up. Would rather hang out with the caravan guards then the merchants. With her older brother and sister aggressively competing to take over the family business she never felt a need to be that much involved in the day to day affairs numbers hurt her head but she very much enjoyed meeting new people and made many friends and contacts in the villages, towns and cities she visited. Her infectious smile and quick wit made it difficult for people not to like her but her choice of friends was not always the safest.

Weapons were gifts from her Dad and brother while the clothes were from her Mother.

Maneuvers are to keep her from getting blood on her clothes or her opponents if they have something nice she wants. The second maneuver was taken as a feat:martial training.

Asuna Kinsea

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