Swerius Jalentus

Ancient Scholar


Not being disillusioned as much a disappointed with the path the populace has chosen to move away from the application of science and discovery, which calls for the honest effort of figuring a thing out.
having a view that honest effort to a problem or idea grants the reward of discovery, he perceives to a shrinking degree, that the use of arcane magic to the sciences as a shortcut. Gaining the bounty without a complete understanding of how our why things work the way they do. That being said, he sees with open eyes the benefits of these advances, for at least the short term, as a boon for all.
Some, not small part of him however, has always remained troubled by this. Seeing it somehow as a defiling of the natural sciences. Concerned that there is a growing blind spot that its essentially just ignored. Magic to him I’d sometimes a seen as the quickest way of attaining a wanted goal. he just isn’t as convinced as some are, that the end justifies the means. History, his first true love has a beginning that he has just never been satisfied with. So much knowledge lost to antiquity or the ravages of war. History has become passe where does the old tongue come from? Were there really elves, as depicted on the shards of pottery, and crumbling pictographs?
The storied dwarven homeland, now a barren desert? From the known histories all myth and legend. Those tales told around a crackling fire, which oft times frighten children? Many can be traced to real events. For how many more of these will that pan out to be true?
As a younger man a historian not much older than his own apprentice, and what house does he hail from, he had sought to unravel the mysteries of the elves and dwarves. Still, gnarled and wrinkled as time had made him, he still wondered where their fabled city lay. What calamity besieged it. He still wanted to find it’s remains. He found himself wondering that most consistently. Oft hoping the heels of some new magical innovation to facilitate. He’d begun to suspect in his heart of hearts that he feared the ruin of these two races might have been the result of some similarity to the short cutting use of arcane magics, as practiced today. Science had taught him at it’s most basic teachings that for every action there is a reaction. For every cause an effect. This simple prospect troubled him more and more. Even now with rank and much age he is still humble enough to listen to that small voice which gnawed that this was so.


Name: Swerius Jalentus
Position: First Counselor of the Order of Scholars, Member of the Office of the Violet Laurel.
Associations: House Levritt

An old man who has held this position for a number of years. Swerius is a traditionalist who sees the value of an “honest days work”. Previous to this position he was the Scholar in the Office of history and so has extensive knowledge on ancient history in particular the period previous to the Empire.

Swerius’ first love of lore came from an ancient translation of an obsucre Elven scroll:
Ka’s Wheel

First there was only the All World Water, until one day as Sol watched from the Sky; the Great Turtle gradually rose out of the All Water’s depth to float upon the emerald sea. Then Sol, the creator, placed mud onto his shell. The mud dried and baked under Sol’s unblinking gaze, and the Great Tree grew in the middle of the earth.
As the tree grew into a mammoth, now a Dark Tower in the sky, a sprout did spring and became eld. Then the Great Tree bent down one of its heavenly limbs and in touching the earth caused a sprout to become a elden. From this elf and elf maiden all of elvinkind descended.
The Great Tree spread its limbs in joy, at the beings it had formed. As the limbs stretched ever outward then came round to meet again it pulled the Roots of the Great Tree into heaven’s sky, and formed into the encircling Beam.
As the roots pulled free the dirt from it fell back onto the now dried mud the Creator had placed upon Maturin’s shell. And as they touched they formed, the Bear, which the eld call Shardik, the Wolf, the Bat, the Eagle, the Fish which slipped back beneath the turquoise sea, the Hare, the Horse, the Lion, the Oliphant, the Rat, the Snake and the Wolf.
These became the Guardians of the Beam, the Guardians 12, and Eld 13, whose love and duty mirrored that of the creator which the elden name Sol. For all things serve The Beam of Ka. There are 19 sacred whose life began by touch of Root or Limb. The Dwarf, the Mankind, the rose and three more.
19 who Stand and be True.
The 19 of The Beam…

Swerius Jalentus

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